100,000 views, and some stats

Well, it seems 100k views is a good milestone to talk about some stats of my blog, so here they are. I’m also trying to understand what are the sources of the traffic and how you might increase your viewers too.

Blog grow graph

Blog grow graph

General stats

  • Total views: 102,436
  • Busiest day: 1,903 — Monday, January 12, 2009
  • Views today: 112
  • Posts: 110
  • Comments: 458
  • Spam: 21,913 comments

As you can see I don’t post too often, but somehow I still manage to get some views. The day I got most views was the day the MSN servers did some strange update that made all new clients stop working. The new clients use MSNP13 and newer, while msn-pecan uses MSNP12. So everybody rushed to download the only Pidgin plug-in that worked. The number of downloads increased to 10,000 and many of those viewers ended up in my blog. Sadly, it lasted only one day.

But where does the normal traffic comes from?

Top 10 referring sites

So, important planets like maemo.org and beablegoard.org constitute a big chunk of the visits. Maemo.org, specially, has a good voting system so good stories go to the top. Unfortunately I don’t blog so often about maemo-related stuff, and I try to not spam topic-centric planets.

Somehow that list seems not enough to fill 100k. Could be that Google is helping here?

Top 10 Google searches

Still some stuff seems to be missing. My guess? RSS feed subscribers. At least 66 people are subscribed to my blog through Google Reader. So, thanks to all the people that follow my blog. If you have any recommendation on how to improve it, please share it 🙂

Also, special thanks to WordPress for making this blog possible, and always providing great stats to help me figure out what to blog about next.

Finally, here is the list of top 20 posts:

Top 20


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