Ruby on Rails on Fedora Core 6

I just got my shinny new FC6, and I didn’t find a fool proof way to install Ruby on Rails, so here it goes.

First install the following packages:

  • ruby: The Ruby interpreter.
  • ruby-libs: Necessary to run Ruby.
  • ruby-devel: If you plan to build an extension or an application embedding Ruby.
  • ruby-rdoc: Generates Ruby documentation.
  • ruby-mysql: MySQL API module for Ruby.
  • ruby-irb: Interactive Ruby, so you can use it from the terminal

Fedora doesn’t come with Ruby on Rails, so you will need to install it manually. The best way to do that is with RubyGems, but Fedora doesn’t come with that either, so you will need to install it first.

The process is explained in here.

Download RubyGems from here.

Extract, and then as root:
ruby setup.rb

You’ll get:
Successfully built RubyGem

Now that you have RubyGems, you can install Ruby:
gem install rails --include-dependencies

You’ll see (among other things):
Successfully installed rails-[version]

Note: If you don’t have rdoc you’ll see the following non-fatal error:
no such file to load -- rdoc/rdoc (LoadError)

That’s it, now if you want to try it:
rails testapp
cd testapp
ruby script/server

Go to to see it in action 🙂

You can also check:

8 thoughts on “Ruby on Rails on Fedora Core 6

  1. Brendon November 13, 2006 / 17:48

    There’s an error:

    yum install ruby-docs

    Note the s on the end 🙂


  2. felipec November 13, 2006 / 18:46

    Thanks Brendon.


  3. Thijs December 12, 2006 / 07:40

    Greate tutorial !.


  4. Trystan Davies December 16, 2006 / 14:06

    I found this page easy to follow and helpful. I now have Ruby on Rails on my FC6 box, and it was much easier to install than I’d have imagined. Cheers matey!


  5. ravish January 8, 2008 / 21:29


    first of all million thanx to you. your article is really an eye opener. keep it up.

    thanx alot



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