msn-pecan 0.0.14 released

This release features a couple of nasty bug-fixes, but mostly it’s a request for Debian packaging, although there are also changes for Adium support.

Important changes:

  • Disconnect fix; now it does disconnect, this was introduced in 0.0.13
  • HTTP method crash fix; this probably has quite some time
  • Re-adding a contact crash fix; very specific situation

Devid Antonio Filoni has joined us as the Ubuntu maintainer, and has setup a launchpad project here. So hopefully packages for Ubuntu will appear there soon.

On a related note I just moved the repository of a sister project, libgmsn, from subversion to git. I started libgmsn to provide a libpurple free msnp implementation, but I never really managed to get anything real done. So probably I will implement offline messages in libgmsn and move the code to msn-pecan when it’s ready. If you are interested in the code check it here.

So, get it from the usual place.

Cheers πŸ™‚


42 thoughts on “msn-pecan 0.0.14 released

  1. thanks! i discover ur site thanks to comment to Mono Blogs!

    Your work is wonderful!

    and pidgin original support is pretty outdated!

  2. I have just had some bad luck with this version, and wondering if you can assist me in trying to recover from it.

    After installing the new plugin I was using it and it appeared to be working fine, however later on I tried renaming/creating a new group and moving a few contacts around, at some point during this my whole MSN contact list has been removed from the server, and it appears that I have been de-authenticated from my contacts as well 😦

    Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.

  3. Cameron, what do you mean by de-authenticated?

    Please create a bug report following the guideline in the FAQ, I will help you figure out this issue.

  4. Hi Felipe, my contact list has been reduced from 100 to less than 10… the contacts still exist on my local list, I have tried toggling the use server-side alias but no luck.

    I tried deleting my blist.xml and I got a flood of requests when I logged back in asking me if I wanted to add all my contacts back, but only a handful of them appear online to me, when in fact many of them are online.

    Feel free to email me to dicsuss this further, im not sure what to file this under, or if you would like me to send you the bug report files directly?


  5. No offense FelipeC, but I don’t find your alternative MSN protocol plugin to be much better than the default MSN protocol plugin that comes with Pidgin. Everything works exactly the same way that it did with the default plugin, except for I can now see my contacts personal messages. Offline messaging is not supported, invisible chatting is not supported and there are no fast file-transfers yet.

    I really hope that you improve this mediocre (at best) MSN protocol plugin. You have my hope. I’m only being a little harsh so I can push your butt to make a good plugin.

  6. I forgot to mention that the MSN protocol still doesn’t want to connect 1/4 of the time with your plugin just like it does with the original MSN plugin.

  7. Jonathan: the official msn plugin has lots of issues for different people, the code needs to be reorganized in order to properly fix all the major issues, that’s what I’m doing.

    However, on the way I’m also implementing new features.

    The difference is that I listen to the users. If you have an issue with msn-pecan, please report it:

  8. Sorry for being a little harsh.

    How long will we have to wait before we see offline messaging, invisible chat and fast file-transfers approximately?

  9. FelipeC, can you please answer me. You said that the difference is that you “listen to the users”, you are definitely not displaying this by ignoring my last comment.

    When do you think your plugin will be ‘fully evolved?’

  10. Jonathan: I appreciate comments in my blog and try to answer them as much as I can, but if you feel you must get an answer then the mailing list is the best place to ask.

    Right now I’m focusing on stabilizing msn-pecan for Adium, I believe that’s a higher priority right now and I’m sure most msn-pecan users would understand.

    I’m doing this in my free-time so I can’t tell you when the features will be ready, but I can tell you the next feature is offline messaging support as it’s the most voted feature request.

  11. Oh, and I try to make it easy for people to contribute, so if my time allocation doesn’t suit you, you can get your hands dirty.

  12. Why is MSN-Pecan for Adium a higher priority? I am unfortunately one of the few people who don’t understand.

  13. Because they are already in beta releases for 1.3, they have put effort into improving msn-pecan, and they have a much bigger user-base than what msn-pecan currently has.

    It seems you don’t understand how open source works. A big user-base is important because it helps to detect issues and grab possible contributors.

    They are discovering and properly reporting critical issues, the fixes are helping everyone. Critical issues have priority.

  14. FelipeC, you should actually abandon further work on MSN Pecan. I tried out the current test version of Miranda IM and it’s superior to Pidgin. You just don’t get all the eye-candy that comes with Pidgin, that’s all.

  15. Jonathan: msn-pecan is not just for Pidgin, it will be a separate library that can be used for other IM clients.

    I’m not going to answer you anymore as you are not bringing any constructive comments.

  16. Jonathan, please stop visiting this blog and go frustrate the developers at another random project ( instead if you want to be a nuisance. It’s because of the attitude you display that many great initiatives die.

    Thanks for the time you’re spending on this, Felipe; being an open source software developer myself, i know how frustrating it can be when people start demanding things but never contribute anything. Heads up for the approach you’re taking with msn-pecan.

  17. FelipeC, you are doing a great job for pidgin users. I check for msn-pecan update everyday. Hope to see offline messaging and invisible chatting in new versions.

    Pidgin includes msnp14 source codes (not officially supported yet) since version 2.4.2, the developer is Ma Yuan. Is is possible that you two work together to make msn protocol better? At least you can learn from each other.

    Thank you again for your msn-pecan.

  18. Inarus: AFAIK Ma-Yuan did part of the msnp14 implementation, but more people took the job and they almost finish msnp15 support.

    The problem is that I don’t agree with the way they did it, besides there are many things in the core of the code that need improvements. The code can be simplified to make it more maintainable and avoid potential bugs, that’s what I’m trying to do.

    They are just fixing bugs.

  19. Hey, Nice work!
    I’ve been using msn-pecan on ubuntu and now I’m using Fedora since 1 week i guess and unfortunately msn-pecan isn’t working…
    I’ve downloaded the source, compiled it with “make” and installed it with “make install” just as normal as always (with 0 errors of course), but msn-pecan doesn’t appear as new protocoll at the accounts (WLM)
    — installed rpms —
    libpurple.x86_64 2.4.3-1.fc9 installed
    libpurple-devel.x86_64 2.4.3-1.fc9 installed
    pidgin.x86_64 2.4.3-1.fc9 installed
    pidgin-devel.x86_64 2.4.3-1.fc9 installed

    I hope somebody knows what the problem could be. It doesn’t work since he new version of pidgin which fixed the icq support because they just allow icq6 now

  20. Martin: you can check with “pidgin –debug”, it might mention unresolved symbols on the msn-pecan plugin. In anycase, you might want to make clean and compile again.

  21. thx for the fast reply. now I figured the problem out. The msn-pecan plugin copies itself to “/usr/lib/purple-2” but on my x86_64 machine it belongs to “/usr/lib64/purple-2” where alle the other pidgin-plugins are stored too.

  22. Hi Felipe, Thanks for a fantastic plugin. I write plugins for Pidgin for Facebook and Skype support, and have exe installers built using nsis that I’d like to contribute so that Msn-pecan can also have an installer. Hopefully that way you’ll also get more windows users and thus a bigger user base for testing πŸ˜‰ Flick me an email if you’re interested

  23. Omg, Jonathan, please leave, gzzzusz christ men. the only thing you do its ask and ask , and demand and demand again, why dont you help and code, and try to do something real, instead of demanding and demanding.

    I hope i got FelipeC patience, but i dont, i cant stand people who demand and demand and do not do anything about nothing, and by god, your are annoying.

    Oh, miranda its superior, go ahead, try to be harsh and bash over their blog.

    Many thanks Felipe, We need this plugin, and now we see some real progress being done.


  24. Appreciate your work. However, why not work on telepathy version instead of these? Then the clients of the future would be able to use all that…

  25. troll: You can use msn-pecan with telepathy-haze right now.

    But yeah, eventually msn-pecan will be a standalone library, with support for both libpurple and telepathy.

  26. hey felipe, first of all nice work. Now whats gonna happen win pidgin-pecan now that that pidgin has merge de the msnp15 branch?

  27. Fede: nothing changes, oim is in the works, and next in the queue is fast file transfers.

    While msnp15 has more features now, msn-pecan will soon have the features that users want. More importantly it is going to work for everyone (some people with weird proxy setups can’t connect).

    And will be standalone library that hopefully soon can be used with Telepathy.

  28. hey =)
    I really appreciate the work that has gone into this plugin, and having coded a few projects myself, I realize that maintainable, non-monolithic code is pretty important =D

    That being said, are there personal issues that are preventing you from directly contributing to Libpurple itself? I did read that you still aren’t able to get write access to the code, which seems a little strange since your plugin works quite well, and doesn’t have nearly as many niggling bugs as the MSNP15 implementation I was playing with =)

    It seems a little strange to have two parallel branches when you can get the best of both worlds :S

  29. Abstraction: well, I did msn-pecan and most of the msnp9 in libpurple, so I probably know what I’m doing πŸ™‚

    The libpurple guys and I just don’t get along. I’m going to write a blog post to explain what happened.

  30. hi,

    iΒ΄m a recently user of linux.. i tried msn-pecan with windows vista and always works fine.
    now i’m using opensuse11.
    is possible to use msn-pecan on suse? and if the answer is “yes” how can a noob like me can make this working? πŸ™‚

    ps:sorry for the bad English (took me a lot to write this) πŸ˜€

  31. Great work Felipe!
    Looking forward to the offline messaging and showing server-side alias features to come. πŸ˜€

  32. Thanks, appreciate your work.

    Looks like this will become a lean mean msn machine… … … πŸ™‚

  33. Don’t worry, I found it.
    No problems with the plugin yet.
    I’m glad I can now see personal messages.

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  35. How can I install msn-pecan on Pidgin Portable (for Windows) from

    When I try to install .exe package it says it cannot find a Pidgin installation. Of course setup fails.

    Any ideas? Can I have just standalone (w/o setup exe) binary and some howto?

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