Fedora 7 test 3 struggles

After two painful days I was finally able to get my Fedora 7 system working.

First I tried the LiveCD which in my opinion is a great piece of software, and I’m really impressed by the quality of it being the first time, and in fact being a test release. It was a little bit slow, but that’s probably because I used a RW CD.

Unfortunately for me the CD was scratched, and I didn’t notice until way later, so I had lots of issues.

First of all there’s no way to check the integrity of the CD, that’s one area of improvement.

Somehow, after a long while I could install it (at least it seemed so). But when trying to reboot I got the warning that my system could not be unmounted. So I had to manually run fsck, no problems with that.

The real issues started when I tried to upgrade, it took so long that I had to go. I kept using my box trough ssh, but suddenly it stopped to work, when I returned back the system was completely hanged, so I had to hit the turn off button, and when I rebooted the system I had to check the filesystem again, and this time there were a bunch of lost corrupt files.

So I tried to install Fedora 7 again, but I could not. I noticed the CD was scratched, so I started to ask the people at #fedora. That’s where I met jeremy (Jeremy Katz) he guided me, and told me to use anaconda manually from the LiveCD; it didn’t work. I tried different combinations and I got different errors, anyway, I couldn’t get it to work.

Then I decided to try to do a net install from my USB key, and jeremy pointed me to diskboot.img which I didn’t know about, before knowing it I did my own images from boot.iso trough some obscure process that I don’t remember anymore. It also didn’t work.

Then I had a déjà vu, I had the same issue before with FC6, the solution was to use http instead of ftp. So I tried that and voilà, it worked.

So I eagerly tried to update the whole system. Again, it took a long, long while. I went to sleep, and the next morning the box was totally hanged again. I powered it down, this time I didn’t have to fsck it, and then I tried to update it little by little. This time, with some not so major issues, it worked.

In fact there’s another interesting “undocumented feature”. If you use anaconda from an USB key, at some point it tries to install Fedora in the key, and even if you change it somehow GRUB doesn’t let you choose another root, and if you go back GRUB installs itself anyway, and anaconda crashes because of some weird GUI bug. So you end up being unable to boot without your USB key, and of course, there’s no easy joe-user-kinda-fix to install GRUB again, this time in the right place.

So that’s how I finally installed my F7 system. If you want to take a look at how it looks (nothing really special here):

Fedora 7 screenshot

Next time I’ll explain my adventures in #fedora trying to contribute a little for a system-config-bootloader that’s actually useful.


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