I’m Felipe Contreras, a software engineer and open source advocate. Anti-woke and heterodox.

This is my personal blog in which I write about mostly programming, but also random stuff like culture war and philosophy. I work mostly on version control and multimedia.

My main projects are git, git-remote-hg, notmuch-vim, and git-completion, but I work on many other things.

I also have a substack about skepticism: Heterodox Skepticism, twitter: @felipec, GitHub: felipec, reddit: u/felipec, and YouTube: felipec.

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15 thoughts on “About

  1. Are you still maintaining msn-pecan? I notice there hasn’t been much activity on it lately (both in L.O.C + issue tracker responses). I switched to msn-pecan a couple weeks ago for it’s apparent attention to users + bug-fixes, but found when I submitted a bug ticket it goes seems to go unanswered/unconfirmed/etc.

    Anyway, just wondered if this is still an active project of yours. Seeing as how you boast about your commitment to users, I would expect that you would check the issue-tracker more often and comment/confirm/whatever else to posts.


  2. Vaya, felicitaciones, me acabo de enterar que un Mexicano esta por alla en nokia, me he prenguntado que se sentira trabajar por esos rumbos y con esos proyectos. Lo único que puedo agregar es que soy fan de maemo con mi dinosaurica n800.


  3. greetings Felipe,

    Was wondering if you are coming out with any basic N9 MSN client? i notice this essential app is missing from N9.


  4. Hey Felipe,
    I have a question related to openMAX IL. I almost successfully used your bellagio on N900 for porting a video app (I say almost because the project got canned half way); I got a N9 (wohoo) and now wanted to try some different app and was looking for a bellagio version for N9. So I started searching around, but all I could find is the gst-omx without il libraries – any around?


  5. +TK gst-openmax is just a wrapper. The Nokia N9 doesn’t have OpenMAX IL libraries. In theory you could get TI’s OMAP3 OpenMAX IL and use them there, but it would be a waste in time.

    It’s much easier to just use GStreamer directly.


  6. +FC, g-streamer is good but not what I am looking for (unfortunately). So it seems there is no OpenMax IL package for N9? Sorry to loose your time for this, btw. I can Imagine you must be busy with other stuff..The standard package (0.9.3) from the OpenMax IL Bellagio compiles pretty easily. I am missing the components tho, which seem to be the same as N900. I do not know if the interface is the same, tho. I am going to try to compile them (should be able to get them from sourceforge for the N900 – will see if I can succeed!!).


  7. Hi. I have a problem with the WH-701 headset on my Nokia N9. The phone wouldn’t just detect the headset. I have installed firmware update 1.1 and the headset works fine on both E72 & E6. Could you help with an OS fix? Thanks in advance.


  8. Compadre Felipe, te mando saludos de MTY, ya te imaginas porque estoy en el blog, tambien ando buscando en MSN para N9, y si lo encontre con los de “n9fanclub” pero esta limitadon, seguro ya lo conoces, estare al pendiente para ver que onda, mientras tanto, el N9 esta muy bueno, ojala puedas mandarme trucos o mejoras para el Meego. saludos Felipe!!, por cierto de donde eres?


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