Alternative MSN plugin for Pidgin

I’ve long waited for this server-side aliases, real ones, not what libpurple calls server alias. And I finally got them!

My plan was to create some Ruby bindings for my address book stuff that I did in Ruby (MSNP15) and connect it with the libpurple msn plugin, but as I worked my way I realized that the server support has been always there since MSNP9, the issue was that there where no API’s for the plugin to express that to the lubpurple Core.

Instead of waiting to something that will never happen I created a fork of the MSN prpl and added some workarounds for libpurple’s obtuse API and and it works just fine.

It’s very easy to install:

git clone git://
make install

It won't affect previous MSN accounts, as it's a totally different prpl you can create new accounts and disable the old ones. Also go back at any time if you find issues.

So now Pidgin's aliases are never lost. It's unbelievable that I proposed something like this about 5 years ago and up to this point there's still no support from libpurple to do that. Next step: direct connection? (fast file transfers)

So try it out and please comment :D


10 thoughts on “Alternative MSN plugin for Pidgin

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  2. I’m an occasional visitor of your blog and I enjoy reading your ideas and technical stuff. But,…, today I found a new design and my retina suffered a lot because of the contrast and the tiny letter. It was very difficult to read the post.

    Best regards πŸ™‚

  3. Hehe, thanks for the comments. There’s no theme in wordpress that fits my needs but I hope this one is at least is more readable πŸ™‚

  4. SuneR: You’ll need to compile this somehow, or find someone who can do that.

    I’ll try to compile a Windows version, but I don’t promise anything.

  5. Hi, can you provide a tarball? I’m on windoze, and I want to try to compile it, but git is hard to get =)


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