OMAP3 public DSP binaries now work

It took some time but finally tiopenmax 0.3.5 was released. It’s essentially 0.3 plus DSP binaries that actually work.

I verified with gst-openmax (git omap branch) and they work just fine 🙂 Thanks Daniel Díaz!

So people with OMAP3 hardware (beagleboard) can already try D1 MPEG-4 decoding using less than 15% of CPU. If you missed the demo, here it is:

Update: the latest information is actually here.

All the information was available in my previous post. One minor update is that I’ve made a tag (v2.6.28-tidspbridge) to the linux-omap tree on my github repo to make it extra easy for people to compile a stable kernel with the dsp-bridge driver. There’s many DSP fixes available and some performance improvements which are not in this tag, but I’ll make sure they are once 2.6.29-omap1 is tagged.

9 thoughts on “OMAP3 public DSP binaries now work

  1. Wow, that’s pretty awesome 🙂

    Will it also work with clutter-gst and gst-openmax?
    If yes, I wonder whether the BeagleBoard has enough performance to display a 720p video (e.g. h264) as a clutter texture…



  2. Yep, clutter-gst should work thanks to gst-openmax.

    Some vendors provide 720p codecs for OMAP3 DSP, but the publicly available ones can’t do that =/


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  4. I’m having a problem with your instructions:
    checking out your branch with:
    git clone git:// v2.6.28-tidspbridge
    does NOT give me an entry for the DSP Bridge under the devices section.


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  6. Can i use the above linux for beagleboard rev b5 board.
    I tried but kernel is not booting beyond uncompressing linux. Any patch needs to be applied?


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