msn-pecan 0.0.18 released, now with voice clips support


It’s time for msn-pecan 0.0.18. There are many bugfixes and important new features like voice clips support.

Again, Devid did most of the work. The most important fix is that personal status messages now work properly (can be enabled and disabled), the most important feature is voice clip support; thanks to Devid Filoni for the port, original patch from Chris Stafford, and Youness Alaoui for libsiren.

Also important is a fix for WLM 2009 user displays (Thomas Gibson-Robinson), P4-context support for (Thiago Silva and Devid), a new option to hide Plus! tags (Devid) and support for Plus! sounds (Devid and Thiago).

Also, some cleanups and reorganization heading towards a standalone library.

An interesting event happened on January 12; for some reason the MSN servers changed something that prevented many clients (>MSNP13) from working, while msn-pecan kept working just fine. That day the number of downloads increased dramatically (100010,000 a day), but unfortunately it lasted only a day.

12,552 page views.

12,552 page views.

New translations: Turkish, Portuguese (standard and Brazil) and Arabic. If your favorite language is not translated you can help at Launchpad’s site.

Here’s the diffstat:

Download from the usual place at googe code.


12 thoughts on “msn-pecan 0.0.18 released, now with voice clips support

  1. Sweet! I wanan try this out but compiling in Ubuntu I get this! X-P

    /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lpurple
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [] Error 1

    I have libpurple-dev installed so…is there a deb floating around anywhere I can use? ;P

  2. I had the smae problem, have you installed Pidgin from GetDeb? For me the problem was caused by mismatched versions of libpurple0 (from getdeb) and libpurple-dev (from ubuntu): (See last post, someone else with the problem)

    I had to remove libpurple and Pidgin and use the ones from the repository to fix this, there may be a less dramatic fix but this worked for me. Annoyingly I’m using an older version of Pidgin now.

    BTW, just downloaded the latest msn-pecan, thanks for the great plugin 🙂

  3. Hey Felipe!

    I hope that messages including the P4-Context header are displayed differently from regular messages from someone with that actual display name.

    I used to play games on people in groupchats with a modified Gaim – copy a user’s font string, send it along with a P4-Context header of their Display Name, and it looks 100% like a message from that person (in MSN6 and above).

    Lots of fun, but not really desirable behaviour for end-users 🙂

  4. @Chris:

    yea, my Pidgin is from getdeb. However, if you look above at Felipe’s command, you will just find some bad symlinks in usr/lib/. All I did was delete them (I think it was libpurple and libpurple-client) which were pointing to some non-existant .so files, remake them to point to the newer ones I saw there already, problem solved. 🙂

  5. Oh right, I’ll probably stick the GetDeb one back on sometime and have a look at those symlinks then, I’ve had problems with symlinks before so I’m not surprised in the least :P.

  6. Felipe, I got a problem. I recieved an error message when I tried to login at “WLM” account… But, when I use the exact credentials (username and password) with “MSN”, I login successfuly.

    I tried with two differents accounts ( and, and both have the same problem.

    Please, help me!

  7. I wish adium developers take Msn Pecan Back! – Dude how i install this on adium>? theres should be a plugin :D:D:D would be AWESOME!

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