PSM option poll

On version 0.0.17 there’s a new option called “independent status message” turned on by default which overrides Pidgin’s status message, and creates an account action “Set personal message” that works exactly like “Set friendly name”.

It’s a little controversial, and Devid doesn’t like the name, so here’s a poll to see what you guys think should be the name of the option. If you have another suggestion, please say so.


2 thoughts on “PSM option poll

  1. We should use “personal messages” because the official client calls them in that way. In Windows “personal status messages (PSM)” don’t exist but “personal messages” do. Also will be more simple for a WLM (official client) user switch to pecan.

  2. The poll is now closed.

    Use status message: 12 votes
    Use indpendent personal message: 2 votes
    Other: 1 votes

    It looks like msn-pecan users find the option clear, so ‘Use status message’ would be.

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