Android looks more than good

Anroid has been released:

Following last week’s announcement of the Open Handset Alliance, today we’re happy to offer an early look at the Android SDK. We’re eager to get feedback from lots of developers in our discussion group. We’re also providing developer documentation and this blog to help you get up and going.

It’s looking pretty good:

Here is a detailed explanation about the platform:

It looks like it has a lot of potential. They have just launched and they already have a very extensible platform, way beyond what we have in Maemo, and even in GNOME or any Linux DE. I give it a month before we have unbelievably-crazy, original and useful killer-applications.

I like to develop in Linux, with vim, in C or in Ruby, so I’m not so excited about their Eclipse based SDK, but I guess it makes it easier for a lot of people. I like Java, but I like to write stuff without any fancy IDE. Anyhow $25,000 looks like a pretty good motivation to try installing it 🙂

Two thumbs up.

More videos here.