msn-pecan 0.1.0-rc4 ready for testing; thanks valgrind!

The previous rc introduced a number of regressions, so I started running different tests with valgrind and found multiple problems. This release should fix all of those, plus a few other goodies.

Only one bug is pending, and most probably it’s already fixed. It certainly looks like 0.1 is imminent 🙂

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Pidgin vs msn-pecan; bug numbers don’t lie

John Bailey from the Pidgin team decided to post some raw numbers of their bug tracker in which is clear their MSN component is lacking some love. He even goes further into excusing their neglect: “Our time is a precious resource, and in many cases we simply have better things to do”. His post ends up accepting that they need help; IOW MSN is currently under-maintained.

However I think the situation is even worst than that; not only MSN has more bugs open than other protocols; the ones that have been closed haven’t actually been fixed. I took some time to generate some hard numbers and the results are undeniable.

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msn-pecan 0.1.0-rc3 ready for testing; featuring direct file transfers

This release is almost completely concentrated on getting direct file transfers to work, and they do, pretty nicely. Not all the types of transfers are supported, but the important ones are, so most probably you wouldn’t have any problems.

Also featuring is a revamped Windows installer that looks much nicer, has uninstall option, and supports portable apps.

Other than that it’s mostly bugfixes.

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