msn-pecan 0.1.2 released; critical bug-fix


This is an important maintenance release, everybody should update. Apparently Microsoft shut down the Nexus servers that were used for authentication, which meant msn-pecan stopped working completely. Fortunately I found a trick to circumvent the problem without requiring an update the protocol used; use Passport 3.0 authentication. Had I known the fix would have been so easy I would have tried earlier. Sorry for the long delay.


  • Fix authorization; Passport 3.0 instead of nexus
  • Fix offline message reception
  • Improve reconnection/disconnection detection
  • Ignore reverse-list; the server returns wrong info
  • Show correct alias in chat window

Enjoy 🙂

Demétrio (1):
     Ignore reverse presence

Felipe Contreras (19):
     plugin: show proper alias in the chat window
     contactlist: fix for existing "null" group
     Improve disconnections
     ns: add time out detection
     Ignore reverse list completely
     Update libmspack to 0.2 alpha
     libmspack: fix compilation warnings
     libsiren: fix compilation warnings
     Fix some compilation warnings
     build: check for more warnings
     Fix authentication
     Improve auth parsing
     auth: reorganize to have a callback
     auth: add private header
     oim: use generic auth stuff
     oim: improve and fix message parsing
     Get rid of pn_auth_start()
     hack: mingw32 workarounds
     win32: tag 0.1.2

Download from the (usual place).


6 thoughts on “msn-pecan 0.1.2 released; critical bug-fix

  1. @Teoh You mean on the Nokia N900 or outside? Outside it doesn’t really work (it’s different), but I’m thinking on putting the same from the Nokia N900 available so that it can be used in all sorts of distributions.

  2. It doesn’t work for me on my N900. With a < character in my password, the password is not accepted. After I’ve changed my password to be without special characters, it says my account is in use even when I’ve signed out from everywhere.

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