Scrobbler for Maemo 2.0 released; now with love support

It’s time for the second release of scrobbler for Maemo featuring support to mark tracks as “loved”.

There have been many improvements over the 1.0 release:

  • Support to “love” tracks
  • Detect network connectivity
  • Proxy support
  • Support for Now-Playing

Also, I had to rename it from maemo-scrobbler to Scrobbler for Maemo due to trademark issues,

Here’s a screenshot:

This has been ready for some time, but I haven’t managed to make the release. All this time I’ve been testing it, and it works fine 🙂

It was quite complicated as I needed to write a D-Bus service first, and then write a separate Hildon Desktop widget to put some UI on, not to mention to write a lot of code to authenticate to web services. But it’s there now, and it works.

It’s now pushed to Maemo extras-testing, where you can test and vote up.


11 thoughts on “Scrobbler for Maemo 2.0 released; now with love support

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  2. What’s the confirmation you loved a track? Is the highlighted blue button supposed to be it? I don’t think it’s working if so, nothing is showing up on my profile. And if not, may I suggest a hildon-banner notification with “Track loved” or “Track was already loved”? Last suggestion: can make a standard application with a .desktop, even if it just launches to disappear? Would make more sense for the icon to be placed on the status bar using, in my opinion. (plus, I don’t really like to rely on hildon-home, it is always crashing, at least here)

    Great work so far, though!

  3. I download the deb and installed it manually on my extra enabled N900. scrobbling tracks (and now playing) seem to work fine. But I had a problem with the Love track Widget. any track I love dont reflect on the lastfm page. Is this a known issue?

  4. Hey,

    Thanks so much for providing a scrobbler with support!! I’ve ditched mafw-lastfm away in favor of maemo-scrobbler 😀 it is much much better IMHO

    And the Love button in the desktop is pure awesomeness. I haven’t get it to work though, but I know it will eventually.

    Thanks a lot ! 🙂

  5. There was a bug on version 2.0-1 that caused a crash, please check that you are running ‘scrobbler’, if not, it probably crashed due to this bug. The fix is already pushed to 2.0-2.

    Also, check in /home/user/.osso/scrobbler to see if “session-key” is present. If not, there’s a problem authenticating to the web service stuff, so “love” wouldn’t work.

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