Open Source and a new kind of management

I’ve been watching some videos from Dan Pink, an American writer that concentrates on the science of motivation and I think they’re actually very interesting for most people, but specially reassuring for FOSS people…

If you ask an artist why they became an artist, a lot of them will say: I can’t do anything else; I have to do this… It’s the same thing. — John Yodsnukis

Dan Pink argues that for most of the tasks of the 21st century (which are more right-brain thinking), carrot and sticks (extrinsic motivators) don’t work, instead, intrinsic motivators should be used.

RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

What Drives Motivation in the Modern Workplace?

And now that we are on the subject of creativity in work, Charles Leadbeater makes a very good argument about why radical innovation mostly comes from amateur professionals rather than traditional corporations.

Charles Leadbeater: The rise of the amateur professional


2 thoughts on “Open Source and a new kind of management

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  2. Wow! That was amazingly interesting. Having been in both sides, working for money and working for a purpose, I agree deeply with Dan Pink.

    I will be researching about motivation science. Thanks for the pointer.

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