msn-pecan now in Maemo’s extras-testing

Finally I managed to workaround a bug in Maemo’s 1.1 SDK. So now msn-pecan has been promoted to extras-testing.

Please vote up so it can go into extras.

Now, there has been some confusion about the other MSN solutions. So I’m going to explain why msn-pecan is better.


telepathy-butterfly is pretty decent, as it uses papyon (the MSN implementation to be used in aMSN2), however it has one big disadvantage; it’s written in python.

For starters, this means you have to install python and all it’s dependencies; which account for 20M. If that was not enough, python being a scripting language will probably use a fair share of CPU, which is not good for battery life.


telepathy-haze is just a wrapper for libpurple protocol plugins, and in fact, telepathy-msn-pecan does use a hacked version of telepathy-haze to do it’s job. So the battle is actually libpurple’s stock msn plugin vs msn-pecan.

The stock plugin was actually written mostly by me a long time ago, and although some things have changed, I’m still probably the knows that has a better grasp on it. So when I say “it’s actually pretty bad”, believe me; I know what I’m talking about here 🙂

However, the real problem is the lack of support. As can be seen on Pidgin’s bugzilla; bugs go there to get lost. Most probably if you have problem on the N900 with it, nobody will be able to help you.

Moreover, you would have to install the rest of the plugins at the same time, in total, you would need 6.3MB. And my bet is that battery life won’t be as good as with msn-pecan.


It’s written in C, it’s fast, it’s efficient, 1.5M, but more importantly; it’s supported. If you find a problem on the N900 you can file a report in our issue tracker, and it will be dealt with. The only problem is that as of 0.1.0-rc3, it’s not as stable as I wound want (the new features seem to have introduced some regressions), but the remaining issues will be fixed soon. However, don’t be discouraged of trying it; most people don’t have any problems.


14 thoughts on “msn-pecan now in Maemo’s extras-testing

  1. Awesome… except I don’t user MSN. I use YIM and a couple others that telepathy-haze adds. If you do a Yahoo-specific one, awesome. But for MSN only, it’s only useful to those doing MSN.

  2. @Woody Indeed, in those case haze is the best option. However, telepathy-haze could use msn-pecan instead of libpurple’s stock msn plugin.

  3. One of the major concerns I have for MSN on N900 (and Linux in general) is the lack of support for MSNP16 so I can sign in from multiple places just like with Jabber accounts. When you use an always on smartphone, you need something like this so you don’t have to worry about disabling the account on the phone.

  4. @ignacius I understand that, but it requires many changes internally to jump from MSNP12 to MSNP16. In any case; it’s in the queue and you can vote for it here.

  5. Personally, the best MSN solution I’ve found is to just use Jabber with an MSN proxy server. (You’ll need to use a full-featured Jabber client to set things up the first time, though.) There are a number of those to choose from:

    Also, while Python has the size impact (which is negligible, given that /opt has 1GB of space), the battery consumption depends on how much the MSN protocol requires wakeups and processing. I’d be suprised to see a big difference between C and Python implementations.

  6. @vp I don’t know about MSN proxies; never tried that.

    Good point about the size of /opt, but I still think 1.5M vs 20M is something to consider.

    Regarding battery usage, it’s true that most of the battery usage comes from the usage of the network, but my bet is that the heaviest usage would be from user display picture updates. In msn-pecan there are quite good heuristics to avoid unnecessary updates, for example if there’s a problem with a contact’s dp that prevents us from fetching it. Also there’s the option to disable dps completely.

    Also, supposing the network usage was the same; processing it still requires CPU power, and there’s no question that for each command sent and received, python will use more CPU to process it than something in C; specially if the code in C is efficient.

    But anyway, the best would be to actually measure with powertop.

  7. Yes, but without telepathy-haze, how do I connect to the ICQ nowadays? For example, ICQ no longer works when I upgrade purple-extra-protocols to 2.6.4. Have to keep it back at 2.6.3. Will pecan ever support ICQ?

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  9. So when we can see that MSN (pecan) is the offical MSN plugin for Nokia N900? And I would like to see MSNP16 implemented in this plugin.

  10. I’m not sure what you mean by “official”, but in any case I don’t think that would be possible.

    Also, MSNP16 support is planned, but would not happen any time soon. Still, you can vote for it.

  11. Hi, Ok, you has convinced me, I will try it.

    Most applications should be written in C or C++ cuz of speed that in this case, N900, and I’am talking about battery saving.

    Regards, keep working!

  12. I’ve just voted for MSNP16 support. How many votes would you be looking at getting before you’d consider implementing it, and what sort of timescale are we looking at?


  13. @loz since I’m doing this in my free time there’s not target: it’s ready when it’s ready.

    Regarding the number of votes; personally I take it as a reference. I prioritize things that are rewarding to me, useful to others, and not that hard. There are other things with higher priority right now.

    However, patches are welcome 🙂

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