msn-pecan 0.1.0-rc1 ready for testing; on the way to the first serious release

The next msn-pecan release started as 0.0.20 but there are so many changes that
it’s going to be 0.1.0. It is way more stable than 0.0.19 but we still would
like to do more extensive testing, so we are rolling a release candidate in
order to fix critical bugs that might be lingering. Hopefully it will be the
only release candidate before the actual release.

The aim of 0.1.0 is going to be our “first serious release”, that doesn’t mean
the previous releases were bad, it just means that we were never truly
confident about the code being delivered until now.

Compared to 0.0.19:

  • Timeout issues fixed (switchboard error)
  • Better offline messages receiving support
  • Offline message sending support
  • Reorganization of P2P code (less crashes)
  • Several crash fixes
  • Adium improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Massive code reorganization

Special thanks for Devid Antonio Filoni, and Andrea Piccinelli who have been
very active fixing issues and making sure msn-pecan is rock-solid. Also Rasmus
Hummelmose who was essential in fixing the timeout issues, it wouldn’t have
been possible without his testing. Also thanks to the Pidgin developers (we
picked some patches), and many other contributors.

This is the list of issues fixed so far:

  • 37: Pidgin leaves handle on files after transfers
  • 82: Implement sending of offline messages
  • 117: Received offline messages are being cut
  • 138: Translation is not whole integrated from Launchpad
  • 144: Unable to chat after message timed out
  • 155: Pidgin crashes after connecting (using NTLM Authorization Proxy Server)
  • 156: msn-pecan crash in msg_ack() at cvr/slplink.c:321
  • 157: msn-pecan crash in msn_switchboard_can_send() at switchboard.c:779
  • 158: msn-pecan crash in msn_switchboard_free() at switchboard.c:262
  • 159: Pidgin crash when connecting to MSN
  • 161: 0.0.19 ubuntu package
  • 163: Translations not working on win32
  • 164: msn-pecan crash in pecan_contact_get_personal_message() at ab/pecan_contact.c:616
  • 170: Crash upon sign in
  • 171: crash when disabling account
  • 174: Windows 7 RC and Pecan
  • 177: Offline messages of blocked contacts should not be displayed
  • 181: Too many timeout messages
  • 183: msn-pecan should use audio:// links with pidgin 2.6.0
  • 184: already showed OIM message show again using another client
  • 185: Add support for receiving winks
  • 133: pidgin crashed with SIGSEGV in msn_message_destroy()
  • 154: Pidgin Randomly Crashes
  • 166: proxy authorization support missing
  • 153: User Adding Problems

The diffstat is huge:

44 files changed, 3423 insertions(+), 3116 deletions(-)

For the source tarball, win32 installer and maemo package check the usual location:

And the Adium build is here:

So, start the testing! And please report back any issues 🙂

Here is the current list of pending issues for 0.1.0 final:

Finally here’s the shortlog:

     6  Andrea Piccinelli
     1  Chris Stafford
     1  David Geary
    29  Devid Antonio Filoni
     1  Devid Filoni
     4  Elliott Sales de Andrade
   214  Felipe Contreras
     2  Mike Ruprecht


6 thoughts on “msn-pecan 0.1.0-rc1 ready for testing; on the way to the first serious release

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  2. @kluzter nope, just changes. Some changes fixes things, some changes break things, and some other changes fix the breakage of the previous changes, and so on 🙂

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