libmtag-0.3.0: moved to git

I finally managed some time to make another libmtag release. This is mostly tiding up the code, cleanups, new codestyle, building improvements and moved to github πŸ˜€

Also some handy features:

  • strip tag: now you can remove say id3v1 tags while keeping id3v2 intact
  • get specific tag: similarly, you can retrieve only id3v2 information
  • get all: this function might is useful for some UIs, specify some callback, and get all the tags πŸ™‚

I wonder why not so many people are using this, is there a better tagging library?

Any packagers interested?

Grab it while it’s hot πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “libmtag-0.3.0: moved to git

  1. Maybe you should explain what is benefit over taglib instead of just “an advanced C music tagging library”?

    I don’t know what is special about libmtag.

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