msn-pecan 0.0.15 released

This release has many changes.

The most important is offline messaging support (read-only), but there are many, many bug-fixes thanks to the Adium guys that helped to track them down.

The diffstat is quite big:
70 files changed, 7603 insertions(+), 1023 deletions(-)

So there might be regressions, but the target is to fix most of nasty issues on 0.0.15. There will be a redesign on the code that handles the switchboards and notification servers, which basically means everything. Hopefully this will make it easier to track the bugs and squash them.

Also, one of the objectives is to have support for Empathy, which is going to be the official IM client for GNOME.

The rest of the issues would have to wait for 0.0.16.

Oh, there’s also translations and packagin for Debian, Gentoo, FreeBSD and a win32 installer 😉

Special thanks to the Adium team, Evan Schoenberg, Devid Antonio Filoni, Eion Robb, Bernard Cafarelli, Henrik Friedrichsen, Marco de Moulin, Simo Mattila, Alexandre André, Jovan Turanjanin, Edgardo Fredz, and Erik Fredriksen. Sorry if I missed someone.

Download from the usual place at googe code.



20 thoughts on “msn-pecan 0.0.15 released

  1. Hi, great plugin, but as I use pidgin portable i cant install, so can you put a zip version with only the dll, please.

  2. I’ve switched back to using the ‘official’ Pidgin MSN protocol for now, as the latest version of it now finally supports offline messaging, both sending an receiving.

  3. Kahlil: not any visible advantage, yet.

    But I’m confident in next releases it will be considerably more stable.

    And then of course there is fast file transfers… there’s more progress on msn-pecan.

  4. At this point, wouldn’t be simplier to work on a patch for the built-in pidgin plugin ?

    I mean, Pecan has been a bless until Pidgin 2.5 but it has its big issues too, and nowadays Direct file transfert is almost the important thing missing in Pidgin.

  5. LC: No, msn-pecan is not a patch over Pidgin’s msn plugin, it’s different code.

    At this point the code is way too different to make ‘a patch’ if anything, the patch should be from msnp15 to msn-pecan. The infrastructure is better, so the msnp15 features should be easier to implement in msn-pecan.

  6. @ Marcio Lopes:

    Download the installer, but open it with a file archiving program, such as WinRAR or 7-Zip.
    You will find the installation files inside there.

  7. i have problems with pecan0015 and pidgin 2.5.1
    when i use the plugin pidgin crash

    Tengo problemas con pecan 0015 y pidgin 2.5.1
    creo mi cuenta wlm sin problemas, pero despues de un rato se cae pidgin, alguna mala configuracion??

    saludos y gracias por el trabajo q te estas tomando

  8. this helps?

    (23:12:37) msn: io/pecan_node.c:518:read_impl() not normal: status=2 (EOF)
    (23:12:37) msn: notification.c:106:close_cb() connection error: (NS):reason=[End of stream]
    (23:12:37) msn: io/pecan_node.c:410:close_impl() stream shutdown: 0x8474e78
    (23:12:37) msn: cmd/cmdproc.c:98:show_debug_cmd() C: 000: OUT
    (23:12:37) msn: cmd/cmdproc.c:98:show_debug_cmd() C: 000: OUT
    (23:12:37) msn: io/pecan_node.c:410:close_impl() stream shutdown: 0x84353d8
    (23:12:37) msn: io/pecan_node.c:391:close_impl() not connected: conn=0x848f308
    (23:12:37) account: Disconnecting account 0x815c710
    (23:12:37) connection: Disconnecting connection 0x8473bc0
    (23:12:37) connection: Deactivating keepalive.
    (23:12:37) msn: io/pecan_ssl_conn.c:244:close_impl() ssl shutdown: 0x8469c50

  9. Can confirm crash with the new 0.15 (works fine with 0.14). I just created the account and connected it (it downloads 1-2 avatar from contacts and then crashes).

  10. This discussion is a little old but I thought I would add my experiences anyway.

    I could not log into MSN with pidgin this morning. I was getting an ‘Unable to retrieve MSN address book ‘. It was suggested on another site that msn-pecan was a better choice.

    I am also using pidgin-portable (on a windows box). I download the executable for windows and changed the .exe extension to .zip and opened the file with 7-zip.

    I then copied the file ‘\$[35]\plugins\libmsn-pecan.dll to the plugins directory of my pidgin-portable app ‘PidginPortable\App\Pidgin\plugins’.

    I restarted pidgin-portable and I can now change the protocol to WLM so I assume that it is working 🙂

  11. Hi Clarance! Me too, I prefer Pidgin Portable. I’ve just finished to do the same. Downloaded msn-pecan-0.0.17.exe and opened it with Peazip [] and extracted the .dll. Then I just launched Pidgin and changed the assigned protocol for every MSN account (I have many many many :-)) from MSN to WLM (it has the same MSN butterfly). Everyone using Pidgin Portable should get to know this procedure, cause it’s very easy, and it’s the only way to connect to MSN network. Especially the people from Portable Apps []

  12. My fault, they (Portable Apps) already know it. See this thread []

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