msn-pecan 0.0.11 released

Not much in this release, just some bugfixes:

  • Disconnection messes with msn-pecan
  • Error while building on FreeBSD 6.3
  • Buddies appear offline

Download from the usual place:


19 thoughts on “msn-pecan 0.0.11 released

  1. Hi! I have just discovered msn pecan, and im really interested in any kind of help I can give. I’m not a really good a programmer but any thing I can help you, just say.
    Congratulations for this plugin and I realy hope someday it get merged with pidgin.

  2. Hi, Felipe.

    I’ve got a feature request. Not a big deal, actually, but I think it would be cool if the currently unsupported formatting tags in the nicks could be filtered out.

    “[b][c=28]John Doe[/c][/b]” to be displayed just as “John Doe”

    FWIW, this regexp does the job on the example above:

    %echo “[b][c=28]John Doe[/c][/b]” | sed -E “s/\[[^]]+\]//g”
    John Doe



  3. i noticed it’s not possible yet to set your own personal message. Would that be hard to add now that you’ve build in support to display them?

  4. Alex: Good one, perhaps you can make a patch? I’d gladly apply it.

    Bram: It is possible. You need to do it through Pidgin’s status message.

  5. Hello. I would like to thank you for this. It is a real bonus for me. Now I can finally use Pidgin without knowing I am missing out, because all my msn contacts use Personal Messagess, and often they contain useful information. Previously I would fire up aMSN or reboot to windows just to check the PMs, but now I can see them in Pidgin. This is great, thanks a lot.

  6. I simply love this. I’ll be writing an article about it on Peopleware, a portuguese website about software and technology.

    Check it soon 😉

  7. How exactly am I to use this?
    I dragged it to the pidgin folder, but I do not see any new protocols in the list.
    Does it modify the existing msn protocol?
    Please help.

  8. You have to put the dll file in Pidgins “plugins” directory. After that you need to reconfigure your accounts using the WLM protocol instead of pidgins build in MSN protocol.

  9. Hey FelipeC, with regards to setting your own personal message, you said above

    ‘It is possible. You need to do it through Pidgin’s status message.’

    but I’m not sure what you actually mean by this. Ie: Where to actually set my Personal Message in pidgin.


  10. Just found this and I gotta say, I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time. This is awesome! Thanks!

    You may want to update the README. What exactly do you mean by * MSNP10 support?

    Btw, charding, just click on the dropdown for status messages and click on what status you want to. Then just type ur message in the box you see.

  11. Durand, I think those are for auto Away messages which have been implemented in pidgin for quite some time, not personal messages. If this is the case that this protocol plugin changes the auto away message to the personal message for the user, it’d be nice to have it documented somewhere on the wiki page or somewhere visible so that people actually know this…

  12. charding, it is indeeed the case. PMs are set with the custom status message. But I agree, it might be nice if it were written somewhere.

  13. I’ve discussed this issue in the mailing list and while some people agreed that Personal Messages are different than Status Messages some other people thing Status Messages should be used for PMs.

    You can try to bring the topic again 🙂

  14. Hi Felipe,

    I have tried your new MSN plugin and it seems to work great, Thanks!
    The default version gave me a lot of switchboard or “error to send message” errors but until now i have not received any error with 0.11. I hope you can find the time to continue the development, pidgin is a nice messenger and MSN is the main protocol I use.

    Thanks again,


  15. Hi,
    nice work hre …

    I put compiled debs for Ubuntu hardy in my PPA here
    I’ll try to keep it updated when you put new versions

    by the way, why doesn’t the /nudge command work in your version? it used to work in the original msn (and your work is based on it) ..
    it’s also impossible to send a message when you’re invisible (or when the other user is invisible) … while MSN (the protocol) handles that

  16. Felipe,

    2 things.

    1. When do you think you’ll have offline messaging support? I still have to use other messengers just to get my offline messages

    2. If someone has mobile set up, they still appear offline, it seems, and you have to right click on their name and click “send to mobile” and it pops up a separate window. Is it possible to just keep this looking like regular chats so it can be logged, etc?

  17. My mistake, it does let you send messages regularly to them. However, it shows them as offline, so it is more difficult to get to them. Can you add the option of, if they have mobile support(allowing you to send them messages straight to sms), that they still appear online but with a mobile icon by their name?

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