msn-pecan 0.0.10 released

I’ve just released msn-pecan 0.0.10.

Not much in this release, basically now setting your personal message works and a couple bugs got squashed.

Since I didn’t blog about the last two releases I’ll mention the changes


A couple of bugs were fixed, including broken file transfers, occasional conversation errors, handling of nil personal messages, and a segmentation fault when updating a contact.


This is a brown paper bag release. A big issue with the contact list has been fixed, and possibly a few crashes too.

Well, that’s it. I’ve slowed down development a bit but some big changes probably would come soon.

What is the next feature you would like to see in msn-pecan?


7 thoughts on “msn-pecan 0.0.10 released

  1. I think that fixing the ‘not noticing disconnection’ problems would be nice.

    After that, I’d personally like to see offline messaging support, but I understand that would be quite a hurdle to implement.

  2. I’m also looking for more complete offline messaging support.
    Like it is now, I can talk with an offline contact IF he started the conversation. If you want to start a conversation yourself, you get an error message saying that the contact is offline.

    Anyway nice work again, keep it up and thanks for the changelog 😉

  3. Interesting improvements since the first release. Congratulations!

    I’ve been kind of thoroughly testing the latest relase and found some bugs like:

    – Problems on adding and removing buddies under certain circumstances, leading to duplicates, disconnection, and even application crash.

    – Markup injection on personal message, causing the “victim”‘s Pidgin (using msn-pecan, too) to behave improperly. (not tested with another clients)

    – Malfunction on moving a buddy to another group (relocated buddy appearing offline, not showing his/her personal message, among others)

    – Not reading cached icons for offline buddies (don’t know whether this is related to msn-pecan or purple)

    I’ll be submiting a PR as soon as I get the time to.

    By the way, may we get audio & video support? just kidding hehehe

    As I said before, very nice improvements 😉

    Best regards.

    BSD México

  4. Offline messaging support would definitely be next on my wishlist. That would mean sending messages to someone that is offline or appears to be offline. Thanks a lot for picking this up, some wonderful improvements in a very short time.

  5. This is very, very cool! I can finally set my personal message from pidgin again! … and show what track I’m currently listening to …

    I appreciate very much your hard work, and I believe many others do so.

    One question: it seems if a buddy changes his/her nickname, the name used in the buddy list doesn’t get updated until you clear his/her alias (click right, select alias, press delete, hit enter). Is this something that can be solved within MSN Pecan, and if so, are you planning to? Or is it just me who’s not getting something here?


  6. i think we all would like to see the implementation of offline messages. It’s a big downside of pidgin, that if implemented in this plugin or in another way would help mass migration from other IM clients from windows live messenger users.

    This latest version only shows a limited buddie icons (not as many as the ones in libpurple pidgin)when you type then (don’t know if this is a bug). So fixing this and make it appear all the budddie icons for emotions available for libpurple would be a plus.

  7. Offline messaging would be at the top of my list too. Other things, like being able to see embedded image transfers and custom emoticons are just niceties.

    Great work. I wouldn’t be able to use Pidgin without this.

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