msn-pecan 0.0.7 released

I decided to implement the feature most users wanted: personal messages.

The difficult part was to move to MSNP10. I took the original work of Kris Marsh (moogman) and merged it into msn-pecan. Then I fixed all the contactlist bugs and it was working. MSNP11 and 12 where a peace of cake.

There are other features:

* HTTP method works again
* Fixed nasty bugs from 0.0.6
* Considerable contactlist testing
* Win32 support
* Maemo support
* Usual bugfixing and code cleanups

There are still some bugs hanging around, but the code is improving quite a lot, which means eventually there will be less bugs πŸ˜‰


27 thoughts on “msn-pecan 0.0.7 released

  1. Hello,

    I download your msn-pecan-0.0.7
    untar, make and error 😦

    /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux/4.1.2/../../../../x86_64-pc-linux/bin/ld: directconn.o: relocation R_X86_64_32 against `a local symbol’ can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC
    directconn.o: could not read symbols: Bad value

    System: Bluewhite64 (Slackware 64 bit unofficial), gcc-4.1.2


    Peter Polonkai

  2. Hi Felipe,

    great work – just wanted to let you know that your work is very much appreciated. I ditched the standard MSN protocol for your implementation a month ago, and it just keeps getting better.


  3. Peter: It seems there’s something wrong with your system.

    Probably some of your libraries are static. I’ll gladly help you out by e-mail if you have doubts.

  4. Hey! I just realized after reading the mailinst list that “MSN Pecan” was actually a separate MSN fork plugin! πŸ˜€ I thought it was justa funny code name for Pidgin’s current (slow) developing version.

    Anyway, Pecan seems to work great, except that whenever I login, it throws all of my buddies into the Buddies group. Despite moving everyone to their separate groups, if I log in and out again, it seems to throw them all in Buddies again (while still keeping the separate ones as well!). Any ideas?

  5. Que tal, Felipe. Buen trabajo el que estΓ‘s haciendo πŸ˜‰

    I’ve posted three issues at your Google’s project page.

    It would be great if you encourage the users to backup their blist.xml before installing your plugin.

    A note on your project’s page and this blog would work fine.


  6. stealth: I found the issue, I’ll make a brown paper bag release soonish πŸ™‚

    kluzter: right! I don’t know why I make that mistake sometimes.

    alex: yeah, I forgot to mention that. But I did test the contactlist quite a lot. It’s just that I did it on MSNP11, not 12 :/

  7. Thanks, FelipeC! I echo what Stealth said; I had no idea that Pecan was something that an average Joe like me could use. I downloaded the .dll, switch my MSN account to WLM, and so far no hiccups. Not even with the buddy list! πŸ™‚

    We REALLY appreciate this so much. I have been waiting for years for Pidgin to catch up with the MSN protocol. I’m sure it won’t be long until you have advanced this thing to where off-line messaging will work; when that happens I am buying you a candybar, my friend!

    Thanks again. You are making great progress!


  8. Felipe,

    just curious: Which build environment do you use on Windows? I downloaded the msn-pecan-0.0.7 source and applied your contact list fix and empty psm fix. On my system, gcc initially failed and complained about G_GNUC_NULL_TERMINATED and various system types like sockaddr_in. To get it to compile, I had to add “#include “internal.h”” to a lot of the *.c files (e.g. msn.c, directconn.c and so on). (And I did set the correct PIDGIN_TREE_TOP in Makefile.mingw.)

    I’m on XP SP2 with Mingw gcc 3.4.5 (a clean pidgin build environment set up using the “pidgin build environment fetcher” a couple of weeks ago). I was building against the official Pidgin 2.3.1 source.

    Anyway, I got it to compile, but it would be interesting to know why it didn’t work without modifications. Any idea?


  9. Hey Felipe, this is probably a stupid question, but can I switch my existing MSN accounts to your WLM protocol in account manager, or is it better if I just create a new account using Pecan? I’m hoping you understand what I am asking.



  10. John H: offline message support requires MSNP13 and that requires SOAP.

    Things get really messy with SOAP unless you use some WSDL. I have that stuff working on Ruby, but that’s another story on C.

    If someone could take a look on the available SOAP implementations for C that would be awesome πŸ™‚

    In the meantime there’s a lot of issues with the current code, I’ll like to fix those first.

  11. Felipe,

    just a quick comment: MSNP12 does support receiving offline messages (but not sending). Both aMSN 0.97, KMess 1.5 and the official MSN Messenger 7.5 can receive offline messages, and they are all using MSNP12.

    I’m using msn-pecan head, and it has been rock stable for me after I included your issue #12 fix. Great work πŸ™‚


  12. Jolle: Right. Actually I could try implementing that. It would only receive offline messages and AFAIK only small ones. Not exactly the best support, but I guess anything is better than nothing πŸ™‚

    Thanks for supporting msn-pecan πŸ˜€

  13. Offline message support, particularly being able to send them, is the one feature I’ve most missed from Pidgin – I’ve been waiting for them to implement it since before the Summer of Code 2006 project, yet not a bit of progress has been made there. It sounds like it won’t be feasible to add it to this plugin in the near future, either?

    I find this plugin a bit unusuable because of the way that it doesn’t notice getting disconnected (as has already been reported on the project page’s bug tracker).

  14. This is really really great, especially since there’s a windows build now. I tried to compile your early source-only release, but it seemed like too much of an effort. So, however has provided that build, thank you very much!

    It indeed is a great step forward from the current Pidgin situation. It sometimes is mind boggling how slow their progress is.

  15. Oh, while I can see everyone else’s personal message, it seems I can’t set mine myself. Is that correct?

  16. I see version 0.0.9 is out allready.
    Why didn’t you announce it on your blog? Can we have a list of changes since 0.0.7? πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work!

  17. I didn’t think it was interesting enough πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I’ll release 0.0.10 tomorrow and I’ll list the changes from 0.0.7.

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