N810 ars technica review

ars technica has a comprehensive review of the N810, and it’s positive πŸ™‚

Like the N800, the N810 delivers one of the best experiences in mobile web browsing on the market. The new browser that ships with OS2008 is truly outstanding, and most of the rest of OS2008 is pretty darn impressive too. For Linux enthusiasts as well as regular users, Nokia’s Maemo-based software platform offers power, flexibility, and ease of use.

There’s a lot of stuff that I consider irrelevant for most people, but there are some very interesting things:

Telepathy-Haze provides a bridge to Pidgin’s libpurple protocol implementations, which will eventually make it possible to use other protocols with OS2008’s native chat software. Collabora developer Will Thompson tells us that he plans to port Telepathy-Haze to the N810 himself as soon as he gets a device.

That means we’ll soon be able to use libpurple’s MSN prpl (which yours truly developed (mostly)) in the native IM framework πŸ˜‰

The e-mail program shipped with OS2008 still has performance issues with IMAP. It chokes on my inbox and hangs or crashes when it has over approximately 150 messages. At the present time, the only robust third-party alternative is Claws, which doesn’t really provide a particularly tablet-friendly interface. In the future, e-mail on Nokia Internet Tablets could get a big boost from Modest, an open-source e-mail client that uses the Tinymail framework created by Philip van Hoof. Modest is still in beta and under heavy development, but some users might be interested in testing it on the N810.

Is that cool or what?


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