Fedora 8 quick review

I just installed Fedora 8 and so far it has been a good experience.

Fedora 8 screenshot

Definitively the best thing so far has been the inclusion of PulseAudio (thanks Lennart!) Since now ESD is emulated, GNOME system sounds can easily work, and also sound files preview in Nautilus. And of course; per-application volume controls.

Another feature that comes bundled is Bluetooth support. Now connecting with other devices and sending files is one click away. Not only that, but there’s also phone support, which right now it seems to be limited to sending SMSs and receiving notifications.

Finally MP3 playback doesn’t require any extra repository installation. Codeina makes it easy to “buy” (for free) a codec from Fluendo. Other formats aren’t free.

I didn’t like the default theme so I changed it to Glossy (GNOME’s default) and Firefox was constantly crashing for a while and then it worked.

I’m not sure if it’s psychological but it does feel more responsive… way more responsive, the UI just feels smoooth.

That’s it for now.


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