Ruby-msn update: now with groups

soap4r-1.5.8 is out! And with a couple of features that make group handling possible in ruby-msn.

A few more features and then I’ll start creating a new design. Actually there’s no design right now, so don’t roll your eyes when you see 4 functions with essentially the same name passing stuff around. I wrote this as an experiment trying to use soap4r for WLM stuff and I must say that things look pretty good.

So check it out:
git clone

The code is able to (only SOAP related stuff):

  • Login
  • Add/Remove a contact
  • Add/Remove a group
  • Add/Remove a contact from a group

Note: This might not seem like a lot, but let’s remember that this is using SOAP, which is required for MSNP15 stuff and isn’t quite simple
Note: Oh, also that once the WSDL stuff is done, the second and third point took me less than one hour 😉 The hard part was to hack soap4r so the crappy WLM servers accepted the SOAP messages

Something useful you can do with it is to export your whole address book to .vcf format. Just read the readme and then run “ruby samples/ab_export.rb”.

Thanks to NaHi for soap4r, the PyMsn guys for the AdressBook documentation and the Kopete guys for the WSDL stuff.


2 thoughts on “Ruby-msn update: now with groups

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