The Programming Languages Race

It’s hard to find about trends of programming languages, but thanks to TIOBE we can get a pretty good idea:

Programming Language Trends


  • You can see a big slope down in 2004 that doesn’t end until 2005 is near, that matches the release of Java 1.5.0, a huge milestone; lots of features added
  • Another ramp up appears at the beginning of 2007, probably due to Java 1.6.0; the first Open Source version


  • Almost invisible until 2006, when Ruby on Rails was gaining momentum.


  • Something really big happened at the end of 2001–PHP 4.1?–I don’t really know what it was


  • For Python the good time seems to be in the middle of 2004. Again, no idea

On the latest trends we can see that C++ doesn’t seem to be going up anytime soon. Visual Basic is steadily going up. Perl down.

But the fight seems to be between Ruby, Python, C# and JavaScript. All of them could take the torch as the next language for multi platform desktop development. C# seems a little ahead but Ruby has a lot of momentum; anything could happen.

Other new gems are D and specially Lua. They don’t appear on this table but probably they soon will:

Lua history

You can see the whole thing here


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