Ruby library for Windows Live Messenger (MSN)

Update: Now ruby-msn looks even more promising: Link

I decided to cleanup my MSN Messenger authentication code, but in order to do that I had to do some tunning to SOAP4R and it’s WSDL generation tools. Thanks to Hiroshi Nakamura and his quick responses my changes got into 1.5.7, which means a few less lines of code on my side.

So, the code basically does:

  • Authentication

That’s it! But it does that in a beautifull way; at least better than any other code I’ve seen.

Thank’s goes to SOAP4R, which is a very friendly SOAP framework developed by Hiroshi Nakamura. All the patches and comments are answered quickly, it’s just a bliss to contribute to projects like this. This framework is advancing at a very fast pace, I think it has a lot of future.

The juice is in the Passport WSDL/XSD definition I wrote.

This is based on information from msnpiki which in turn is based on work from ZoRoNaX, Ole André, and others.

This is how you get the code, then just read the README:

git clone
git clone

The next step is going to be to add the code that handle the addressbook. I already have some code, it would only be a matter of integrating it.

After that then make it a Blueberry service, which means doing some Blueberry code first 😉 More on that on later posts.

This is not doing the SSO, which is the real authentication to the WLM service. This is only for the Passport service. I have code that does that, but that will have to wait even longer.


3 thoughts on “Ruby library for Windows Live Messenger (MSN)

  1. 2 lines required for generate_wsdl and test.rb to work along README.
    require ‘rubygems’
    gem ‘soap4r’
    I seem to get a token when I send correct username/password.

    And I’ve found that the server returns SOAPFault as a child of SOAPEnvelope (not SOAPBody) when I sent a wrong password. Soap4r fails to parse error responses. Maybe some error recovery feature is needed for soap4r.

    Anyway, thank you for your writing. Good to know that soap4r can help someone. I’ll come again to see your further work.

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