More crazy stuff about World of Warcraft

MSNBC has an interesting article about WoW.

It makes many good points, and it mentions many crazy things I didn’t know; weddings, marches, funerals (in the game but real people died), slaughters in funerals, people gathering gold and selling it in real life, executives closing deals inside the game. The thing that impressed me the most is a girl that died of exhaustion after playing for almost a week without rest… that is absolutely wicked.

Edward Castronova mentions that “In 20 or 30 years the technology will be here to create incredibly more realistic and immersive worlds”. If video games have about 30 years, and information technology is growing exponentially, I have no idea on the things we might see by that time.

These are one of my favourite quotes:

“Yes, it’s just a game (WoW), The way that the real world is a game.” — Joi Ito (Level 60, Gnome Mage, Venture Capitalist)

“Warcraft is the new golf” — Ross Mayfield (Level 60, Human Palladin, CEO of an Internet company)